Digital Marketing Strategy

A Digital Marketing Strategy brings you closer to your Goals

Having a Strategy means having a Plan

homo digitalis creates your digital marketing strategy that focus on your vision and objectives. It is holistic and contains all elements that impact the challenges your marketing  faces, but also reveal new opportunities. Though every digital marketing strategy is unique, I follow a specific protocol.

Strategic work is most helpful, but it is often neglected and often falls by the wayside in hectic everyday life. Get support where you lack the resources so you can build that important foundation for yourself and your team. 

Now is the right time for your first step.

Developing digital strategies

Firstly, the most important thing: There is no magic formula for strategies. But there are frameworks, business models, standards. And most importantly, there is your marketing data. The use of frameworks depends on what the scope and goal of the strategy should be. Is it about the further development towards a high-performance digital marketing department? Or does the company want to increase market share in a targeted manner? Or maybe the expansion into a new market is imminent? Whatever the task, it must be clearly defined from the beginning.

What all good strategies have in common, however, are analyses of the current situation. This can be done on the basis of data evaluations, through exploratory interviews of certain employees and customrs, workshops with customer facing colleagues and through the research of your competition.

One of the biggest challenges that companies currently experience is the digital transformation. If you are in this situation, you should have a strategy sooner rather than later as to how and when and to what degree digitization should be achieved and how much it will cost. Not doing so can mean a lot of unrest, blind actionism and unnecessary costs, not to mention the emotional hurdles for those who will see their jobs threatened.

If you are further ahead in your transformation and you are pushing the envelope to become data driven, a data strategy is certainly helpful. This includes knowing your data are trustworthy, your technical infrastrcuture  is planned in tandem with your IT, and your KPI’s are defined.

A strategy is always 90% implementation

two person standing on gray tile paving

From experience, we have all seen strategies becoming paper tigers with impressive keywords and beautiful visualizations, but without any guidance for action. A strategy must always be 90% focused on implementation.


Therefore, the challenge lies in the implementation, so that it can be easily integrated into daily business and lived. At the same time, it must be consistent with other strategic plans in the company. Companies that already follow an internal process in which the strategy is regularly reviewed and compared with the annual budget process and the target definition, have laid a very good foundation. 

Anchoring digital marketing strategies in a team

For a digital marketing strategy, critical questions, data analysis and data mining as well as exploratory interviews are recommended in order to find out where possible weaknesses in the marketing sales funnel are currently located and how to differentiate yourself from the competition. This often reveals opportunities that have never been considered before. Or even business cases for cognitive data models. In addition, of course, the strategy has a major influence on the marketing team. Therefore, it is important to note that employees should be trained and further developed so that the strategy can actually be implemented together with them.

Digital Marketing strategies and data strategies developed by homo digitalis

homo digitalis helps you in developing competitive digital marketing and data strategies tackling what you feel needs to be addressed and what your data reveals on top of it. I make sure, your strategy is actionable and has set objectives that you can measure.

I usually look at:

  • Your value proposition and your brand
  • Your customers’ needs
  • Your products and services
  • Processes and tools within Digital Marketing
  • Digital skill sets
  • Marketing data
  • Your competition
  • Your budget
  • and much more.

I carefully listen to your:

  • Vision
  • Ideas
  • Pains as well as gain creators

Start exploring now.