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Welcome to homo digitalis, your go-to source for digital marketing consulting services. With over 20 years of experience in marketing, branding, and online marketing, I specialize in helping small to mid-sized companies achieve short-term and long-term growth. As a full-stack digital marketing consultant, my services include strategy development, lead generation concepts, some operational digital marketing services and creative thinking. My competitive edge are data insights that I use to stay user-focused.

My digital marketing consulting services focus on how you can win new customers or retain your current customers, while outperforming your competition. I help you be more productive, efficient and stay on target, and thus save money and time overall.

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Typical digital marketing services B2B companies outsource

marketing strategies for high performing teams

A new perspective: receive a unique digital marketing strategy

A strategy enables you to deliver on your vision and objectives. It helps you to spot opportunities in your market better, to avoid  risks and formulate action plans to achieve your objectives. It is also helpful for your team to see the bigger picture and to plan ahead.

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Identify new B2B online lead generation possibilities

The recipe for lead generation campaigns that resonate with your target groups involves experience, a pinch of creativity, and the secret ingredient of data. Stir well and deliver it through the right media and most suitable channel mix. A solid concept ensures that a campaign is thought through beforehand, and this is where homo digitalis helps.

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Dashboards for every target group

Become marketing data driven

Everyone knows it, but most companies don’t have the ressources to become a marketing data driven organisation. I can help you with your marketing data, the right tools and understanding your data – from quality to insights. 

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Dashboards for every target group

Support with digital marketing tactics

Whether your website must perform better to support your lead generation activities or to resonate better with organic visitors: homo digitalis has got you covered. I help with technical, onsite and offsite search engine optimisation (SEO) and excellent user experience (UX). Your digital marketing campaigns and social media channels need a critical review? As part of my digital marketing consultancy services, I am well-versed in Google search engine marketing (SEM) and various media formats and platforms.

AI in digital marketing 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here to stay. Many marketing software-as-a-service companies (SaaS) have developed machine learning or deep learning tools to automate processes and optimse targeting. With Chat GPT and Bart new dimensions have been added to AI, thanks to its impressive large language models (LLM). homo digitalis helps companies how to work with AI.

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