Marketing Data & Strategy Consulting

For digital marketing teams who want to work data-driven

As a marketing data consultant, I support digital marketing teams in making data-driven decisions and help them to work in a data-supported manner. This way,  you will be more effective and strategically better positioned than the competition, as well as benefiting from exciting insights and recommendations.

For agencies that want to optimize campaigns in a data-driven manner

As a sparring partner of agencies, I support marketing campaigns through continuous data evaluation in order to actively manage and optimize them. Furthermore, I have a very good network of agencies and freelancers that I can recommend or involve if necessary.

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Marketing Data


data audits for better search engine performance and data quality

SEO Data Audits

How search engine compatible is your website? I offer concrete recommendations for technical and content-related optimizations.

marketing data analytics for better performance and customer experience

Data Insights Reports

Are your data correct? Is your analytics platform set up correctly? How do you get more out of your campaigns? For this purpose, I will leave no stone unturned and will provide suggestions for solutions and optimizations.

data story telling visualised for convincing presentations

Convincing Analysis

I offer attractive, target-group-specific presentations in your CI/CD, in which the data provide a narrative, as well as recommendations for action.

Dashboards for every target group

Dashboard Designs

I will provide you with the right KPIs for the right target group, so that -even without words- it is clear what makes the customer tick, what sells or how the company should be managed.

marketing strategies for high performing teams

Marketing and Data Strategies

Marketing and data strategies will put you ahead of your competition. I will make sure your strategy is well thought out, smart and data-consistent. A strategy enables you to know your intermediate goals on the way to a central data organization.

Performance concepts by homo digitalis

Performance Concepts

My many years of digital marketing experience, my creativity and my data analysis skills are the ideal ingredients for outstanding campaign ideas with the right channel mix.

In-depth analysis

Would you like to learn from your marketing activities and website performance?

If correctly evaluated in a meaningful way, your marketing data can tell you a lot about the behaviour of your users and customers.

Make decisions based on
marketing data

Everyone is moving into one direction

A strategy is the foundation needed for growth and change

Whatever your challenge in digital marketing, I support you in strategic development and planning so that you can overcome any hurdle.

Build on a digital marketing

Generate qualified leads

Is the pressure on your sales colleagues also noticeable in your team?

Lead generation requires strong concepts, analysis and creativity, so that you show presence where your customers already are and convince when it matters.

Develop successful performance

Do you want to build a data-driven team?

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