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Or why we should work together

Or why we should work together

homo digitalis, that’s me, Claudia Brüggemann. I have more than 20 years of experience in online and digital marketing. During this time, I have written more than a hundred business and marketing reports for decision-makers in marketing and top management.

I have been in your shoes

I know what it means to lead a digital marketing team. While it is fun to create, develop and see things growing, it is also highly demanding. You have to deal with various emotions that digital change inevitably brings. You also have to be able to work with many people, from team mates to stakeholders. You need to explain a lot. You have to justify budgets. You must endure the pressure from sales. I’m here to support you through the many benefits of data mining. Since I have a proven record of digital marketing leadership and campaign management, you will receive more than just important KPI’s; you can count on my experience.

Business Analytics

As head of the Market Intelligence & Business Planning department at an industrial group in England, my data analyses formed the foundation for the annual group strategy. The findings of my team and myself were also important for the evaluation of new markets (China, Middle East) and new customer segments. The reports from my department led to significant investments in greenfield plants and opened up new sales opportunities for the company. We worked with economic and industrial data, challenged and selected data suppliers as well as external data experts.

Advanced Marketing Analytics

Be it as Head Digital Marketing & Customer Experience, as Global Head SEM & Automatization or as a Marketing Project Manager, I carried out and evaluated campaigns, continuously optimized them through data analysis and designed final reports for decision-makers. I reviewed, questioned and learned from data.

I regularly shared evaluations and optimization suggestions with colleagues in marketing and top management. And I came across data input errors at every company I worked for.

This is what distinguishes me

Or why we should work together

When I managed digital campaigns or led digital teams I often received reports that had very little insights and actionable information which allowed clear recommendations. That was either because the analysis was superficial and about short term metrics or because the data analysts weren’t experienced Digital Marketers.  It needs a lot of collaboration to help them to identify the right questions. And it needs creativity and experience to find solutions. I also observed that analysts struggled to find errors in data – again a lack in business know-how, no matter how excellent they were with numbers and statistics.

homo digitalis steps into this opportunity. I want to close the gap between data and growth opportunities, and I want my clients to be a trusted source to go to within their companies. My love for data and affinity for technology, systemic thinking and solution finding capabilities gives my customers a strategic advantage. In addition, I am inquisitive and curious to get to the bottom of things.

More about me

I regularly work with these tools

  • Google Analytics 100% 100%
  • Google Ads 80% 80%
  • Google Search Console and various SEO platforms 100% 100%
  • Adobe Analytics 25% 25%
  • Various email platforms 80% 80%
  • Hootsuite and various Social Media platforms 70% 70%
On this basis, I can familiarize myself with most platforms very quickly. I am also certified on Google Analytics. In addition, I know many reliable data sources for most industries to give my reports more context.

What motivates me

When I solve challenges for my customers and when they are happy.

What I am convinced of

Working with data is a success factor.

What I see as my mission

To let my customers shine through insightful data and expert recommendations.

Now let's talk about you.